As you can see, the Nintendo’s Pokemon GO swept the world (even if it is leading to some very unfortunate situations). But first get a Power Bank for Pokemon GO. Why? The biggest problem is not how to catch your Pikachu, the only problem is that this game sucks your battery dry. Even the iPhone 6s Plus, can barely make it a few hours with the game running full steam. Get a battery pack for Pokemon GO would be nice.

If you don’t have a power back up, now is the perfect time to pick up an external battery. No matter which one you choose, your phone’s battery and the Pokemon GO game will thank you.

- Multipurpose portable digital charger.- Built-in 6000mAh large capacity battery- Seven kinds of color changing LED lights

Orignal design: Japan

Capacity: 6000 mah

Diameter: 89mm

Resistance: 0.2-3.5 ohm

Input: DC 5V-1.5A

Maximum output power: 88 W

Maximum output current: 30 A

Maximum output voltage: 4.2 V


Certification: CE, RoHS