Freelander C2 RRTA

(Replaceable & Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)


1. Unscrew the coil from the main deck. Make sure the cotton is set right on the coil.

2. Once the cotton is in place correctly. Moisten the cotton with your choice of e-liquid.

3. Wait for few minutes. Tighten the coil to the deck. Open the upper cap and start filling the e-juice to the RRTA tank.

4. Close the upper cap and adjust the airflow by turning the airflow ring.



1. When using RRTA for the first time. Make sure to moisten the cotton coil and have The Cotton coil set correctly on the deck.

2. RRTA tank made for dual coil only.

3. To prevent burning coil. Adjust your power heat to the recommended temperature.

4. Incase of burning coil, Pull out the coil vertically and replace it with new premade coil.


 Wrench tool provided for easy work


 Warning: This product is not to be used by the following

1. Anyone under legal age of smoking.

2. Pregnant woman or breastfeeding.

3.Anyone with weak heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, depression, under medication or consult your Dr before using product.